Super sexy babe Laetitia Casta finally bares everything in this hot nude scene

June 17th, 2008

This French supermodel/actress has always been featured in sexy pictorials and magazine covers. Laetitia Casta is a stunner at 5’6” and her body is absolutely hot. This babe is one of the most gorgeous celebrities that ever graced the television and the big screen. She’s the subject of Chris Isaak’s music video for the song “Baby did a Bad, Bad Thing” in 1999 where she’s being spied on by Isaak and she’s wearing sexy lingerie. The video was included in the Top 50 Sexiest Video Moments by VH1 and was deemed too “steamy” by some networks. In this scene, she’s totally nude and riding her lover and then she lies on her back to continue their steamy sex scene.

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Diane Lane is smoking hot as she rides her man

June 17th, 2008

From the time her career in the film industry started, Diane Lane has been recognized as someone with the potential to achieve stardom. She managed to do this when she cemented her role as a leading actress in the sexually-charged movie “Unfaithful” which garnered good reviews and box-office success. She also earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her performance in that movie. And the fact that she’s sexy and good-looking definitely helped in captivating her fans. She’s not shy to undress either as she had her share of nude scenes in the movies she made. Below is a video clip of Diane performing in a nude scene where she rides her co-star and looks absolutely divine doing it. The screen goddess truly sizzles in this smoking hot sex scene. Look for more Diane Lane clips and other celebrities only at Celeb Sex, where you can find the celebrity nude scenes you’ve been looking for.

Heather Graham sits on some lucky guy’s face

June 17th, 2008

Heather Graham is one Hollywood hottie who is not afraid or shy to bare her body in movies. The voluptuous actress has had her share of hot sex scenes in some of the movies she’s done. She’s a sex symbol who knows she’s got an awesome body and is not afraid to flaunt it. Her breasts are just amazing – soft and creamy tits topped with pink nipples boggle the mind. In the scene featured in this post, Heather comes inside the room wearing a dress and apparently, she has no knickers on because she went directly to the guy lying on the floor and promptly lowered herself unto his face for some serious pussy eating! Heather shocks movie watchers again with this blatant display of sexuality. The blonde actress definitely lists among my sexiest celebrities and she does not disappoint with the love scenes she did in some of her movies. If you want more Heather Graham videos and images as well as other celebrities in sultry sex scenes, then click this link – Celeb Sex!

Charlize Theron seduces the audience in 2 Days in the Valley

June 17th, 2008

Charlize Theron plays a Norwegian seductress in this movie. This might be a forgettable movie to the actress as she’s an Oscar Best Actress already but for us, this movie is memorable if only because of Charlize’s smoking hot scenes! She’s always dressed in sexy lingerie (how she manages to feel the need to wear sexy lingerie in the woods eludes us) and is an absolute babe in this movie. One famous scene takes our breath away. She seduces her lover, dressed only in her white lingerie and talking dirty all the time. She spreads her fantastic legs and offers up her crotch to the man. The couple simulates pussy-eating and the result is one horny sex scene! Check out the video clip available below. Click the thumbnails to get the full version of the scene and enjoy watching Charlize get her pussy eaten!

Even though it’s only rated R, the sex scenes are extra-hot because it’s THE Charlize Theron portraying the sex-starved Helga. Charlize went topless in this movie and her perky tits are on display beautifully in all her sex scenes. A must-see movie (if only for the sex scenes), 2 Days in the Valley will satisfy your desire for nude Charlize Theron movie scenes. If you want more celebrities featured in sex scenes, then visit Celeb Sex and get your fill of sexy actresses fucking in movies!

Lara Flynn Boyle in Threesome with Josh Charles and Stephen Baldwin

June 17th, 2008

The 1994 film Threesome stars Lara Flynn Boyle opposite Josh Charles and Stephen Baldwin. The film is about a shy and confused college student Eddy (Josh Charles) and roommate All-American jock Stuart (Stephen Baldwin) ending up with a female roommate because of a confusion with her name (Alex, played by Lara Flynn Boyle). The threesome became very close friends and they eventually fall in love with each other. Eddy falls in love with Stuart, Stuart falls in love with Alex, and Alex falls in love with Eddy. The complicated situation ended after they figured in sexual intercourse with each other at the same time, thus the title “Threesome”. Anyway, the sex scene was a bit controversial during that time and helped open up American cinema to human sexuality and more positive portrayals of gay characters. Lara Flynn Boyle is undoubtedly hot as the only chick sandwiched between Josh and Stephen in their sex scene. I have the clip posted right here and if you want to view the scene, simply click the thumbnail below.

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Sharon Stone sizzles as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct

June 17th, 2008

This is the role that turned Sharon Stone into a star. She portrays a bisexual serial killer in Basic Instinct (1992). The character required several graphic sex scenes and nudity that more famous actresses during that time like Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith and Michelle Pfeiffer turned down the part until Sharon Stone finally landed the lead role. In perhaps the most controversial scene in the movie, Sharon’s character is being questioned by the police and she crosses and uncrosses her legs revealing the fact that she was not wearing any underwear. Audiences around the world were shocked at the brazen nudity that she showed during the course of the movie. But the result was the actress was listed as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world that year. This only proved that she’s now a renowned celebrity and people around the world still talk about that scene up to now. And a sequel that is more graphic than the first was produced and shown but not with the fanfare of the original. With that said, let me present to you some of the notorious movie scenes from Basic Instinct in this post. Check out the thumbs below for the video clips.

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